Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Therapy me, please!

Therapy me, pleaseeeeee!

    Ya girl, has set up a consultation for therapy! I am smiling as I am writing this because it has taken me so long to find one! I had to come with an update from the last time we chatted about this in 'Black Doctor me, please!' My therapist is black and all her specialties seem to be all my problems, so a match made in heaven to me!

    I am so excited to work on myself. I know it sounds so cheesy, but I look forward to some personal growth. After getting married and having kids, issues from childhood started creeping up and I want to dig into that. For example, I have MAJOR abandonment issues. When I first got married, any argument we got into, I thought Anthony was going to leave me, (even the smallest thing.) Now why? I have no idea, no one has ever abandoned me! I didn't know where that came from. So, I am looking forward to getting to the bottom of that in therapy and so much more!

    If you are thinking about getting a therapist, start taking the steps here! This therapist may not work out for me, but then I will go onto finding the next. The fact that I am getting the ball rolling on something for myself makes me feel amazing, no matter how selfish that sounds. I gave almost 3 years to being home with my babies, its time for me to take care of me!

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