Saturday, February 4, 2023

Friends = ones we can depend on

Friendship is an complex thing. It can be absolutely beautiful, but losing it can almost hurt you as much as a breakup. Women friendships can especially.

    I have never been a friend group type of girl, so I never felt like I had 'a lot' of friends. I would always leave each phase of life with one or two good ones and that was enough for me. It wasn't until we moved to Washington that I realized how important my friendships were to me. It took me a while to make friends over here, so I really relied on my friends back home to keep me sane. I had two under two, no job, a husband that was newly in the army and hardly home, and postpartum depression. It was ROUGH.

    I needed adult interaction bad and it seemed like the only way to get some here was to post on a random army wife Facebook group page....and I was not about to do that!! My friends back home became my rocks and honestly got me through those days. Staying on the phone with me while my kids were screaming in the background, letting me cry about feeling like I was doing nothing with my life, allowing me the space to complain about being a stay at home mom and not make me feel guilty. My friends were really there for me and that stuck with me.

    I am far from a perfect friend, but I try my best to show up for my friends. It is easy to think a friendship is solidified because of years, but more I am realizing is friendships need to be nurtured almost as much as relationships. Everyone is busy, but showing up even when it's not easy is the true definition of friendship to me.

& I am lucky to have a couple of the good ones.

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