Saturday, January 21, 2023

Update from Patient Zero

Now that I am finally a few days out, I think it is time to give you guys an update.

    I don't know if it's covid, all the meds, or just the fact that I've had surgery that is leaving me exhausted, but ya girl is tired! I don't think I mentioned that this was my first surgery ever, so from start to finish I had no idea what to expect. All and all, I would say things went well!

    I was definitely patient 0 the whole day. The nurses and doctors were in full PPE every time they came near me (which was to be expected), but they very sweet the whole time! I also had the luxury of being in an isolation room from start to finish, but honestly that wasn't even bad. To me, everything happened quickly seeing as I was sleep for most of it, but Anthony said it felt like it took forever. He had to wait at home for the doctors call, so I am sure it felt like years for him!

    I woke up not even knowing the surgery had happened and have been home recovering ever since! My mom and Anthony have been the dream team of taking care of me and the boys and I am on the road to healing! I can't fully walk on my leg yet, but I am able to get around with crutches. Through all my dramatics and fears, I am just happy to say I have made it on the other side of this surgery. 

    Now I can get the rest of my life in order. Because if you thought this knee was my only debacle...wishful thinking! 

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