Tuesday, January 31, 2023

February will be Fabulous!

January, January, January, oh what a month it was....

    It feels like it went by in the blink of an eye with everything we were hit with. Y'all know about the surgery, but life itself felt like it was hitting me a mile a minute. We are planning to move, but are still unsure of where we are moving to and at this point are probably going to end up in my parents basement.....kidding(ish). We have time to figure it out, but let's just say the clock is ticking.

    I want to start going into each month with a word or phrase of intention. What literally just popped into my head is..'February will be Fabulous.' Now, if you knew all the decisions I had to make, then you would think that is a pretty bold statement, but maybe going in with that intention will make it true. 

We will call this Fabulous February!

    My best friend and I used to have Fabulous Fridays in high school, where no matter how much money we had we would have a day of 'fabulousness.' Which usually was us getting a bite to eat and our nails and feet done. We both worked, so we would spot each other if the other was short (because we were both still very much broke). We would get polish changes instead of full pedicures if neither one of us could swing the whole thing. We forgot all our troubles for one day and just pampered ourselves. It was the epitome of balling on a budget! That is the energy I am giving February.

This year feels so uncertain, with so many big decisions right at the start. It is going to be easy to get wrapped up in that and dread the month to come, but I am going into it excited! No matter where my decisions lead me (or my pockets allow), February will be Fabulous!

Also, check out my bestie's blog here!


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